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update date : 2017-12-14
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Introduction of Ming Chi University of Technology

The school is located on a hilltop with a wide green campus and beautiful landscapes. Since its founding, faculty members and students have lived continuously on campus. Through this shared on-campus living, we can encourage students to maintain a regular life, strong body and mind, while fostering grounded characteristics and good moral character. Since teachers also live on campus, they can better guide students and live up to the standards of propagating the doctrines of the ancient sages, who would not only teach but also clarify any doubts. The school’s motto “Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness” not only encourages students to be earnest and hardworking, but also means doing the right thing, doing useful things to obtain useful experiences, increase wisdom and develop self-confidence. By being plain in life, one can concentrate on and delicate his/her efforts to archieving goals.

These two qualities combined with good professional knowledge and skills can create a truly useful person for society.

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[Ming Chi University of Technology]
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[Office of Academic Affairs, Ming Chi University of Technology]
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