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MCUT in Prospect

update date : 2017-12-14

MCUT in Prospect

With the traditions of "residential schooling" and "part-time practical training", Ming Chi University of Technology has set an excellent example of successfully combining theory and practice and inaugurating a new technical education system. By fostering the spirit of diligence through on-campus life education and cultivating students' practical problem-solving abilities via practical training, we hope to improve the present, create opportunities, and foster future developments to reconstruct Ming Chi as the model institution for technological and vocational education.

Looking to the future, we will continuously improve the teaching structure and strengthen the quantity of academic-industrial cooperation. Moreover, we will also make efforts to build up international learning environment and teaching in English to enhance students" language abilities. We are actively internationalizing Ming Chi and our students by introducing our practical training programs to universities around the world as well as encouraging our teachers and students to participate in international conferences and events. We will be working with overseas institutes to recruit more international professionals and foreign students to our school in order to help our students develop international perspectives in an open-mined and positive way.

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