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After the institute was upgraded to the university level, in addition to the usual devotion in the maintenance of the existing educational beliefs and practice, the University also focuses on “Industry-University Collaboration.” The University has frequently been honored by the Chinese Institute of Engineers for its excellent practices in industry-university collaboration. In 2014, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration has honored the University as one of the best incubation centers. In the 2016 Academic Ranking of Taiwan Universities/Colleges released by Tamkang University, MCUT ranked number one among the private colleges/universities of technology in the category of “the average amount of funding per project director of Industry-Academy Cooperation projects.” Those honors demonstrate the fruitful results of developing collaborative relationships with industry partners. In recent years, by means of continually integrating the resources of various colleges, six research centers have been established: the Biochemical Engineering R&D Center, the Center for Thin Film Technologies and Applications, the Chinese Herbal Medicine Center, the Battery Research Center of Green Energy, Organic Electronics Research Center and Center for Reliability Engineering. The faculty and students are always encouraged to participate in practical researches and to provide industry-education services for the enterprises. With the development of internship opportunities, the industry-university collaboration relations are actively being built. Via the diverse channels of intern students, guidance teachers, specific research centers, the Industry-University Collaboration Center, and the Innovation and Incubation Center, we are able to achieve close cooperation with the industries and improve the quality and quantity of the research, and further contribute the research results to the industries. While the educational functions as well as the advancement of technological power in the industries are achieved, a win-win situation is also created.

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Research Centers


Center for Plasma and Thin Film Technologies
TEL: 886-2-2908-9899 ext.4480
Service Center: Thin Film Technologies Building 2F
Center on Reliability Engineering
TEL: 886-2-2908-9899 ext.4507
Service Center: Green Energy Center Building 3F
Battery Research Center of Green Energy
TEL: 886-2-2908-9899 ext.4951
Service Center: Green Energy Center Building 2F
Biochemical Technology R&D Center
TEL: 886-2-2908-9899 ext.4668
Service Center: General Building 1F
Organic Electronics Research Center
Electronic Engineering Building 2F/3F
Research Center for Intelligent Medical Devices
TEL: 886-2-2908-9899 ext.4543
Service Center: Mechanical Engineering Building 1F