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Co-op Practical Training Program

update date : 2018-01-15

In order to imbue MCUT students with the spirits of diligence and down-to-earth knowledge, Ming Chi implements a “co-op practical training program.” All students are required to work in subsidiary companies of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), cooperative enterprises, or government organizations for one year. Since its establishment in 1964, MCUT has been featured by such an academic-industrial cooperation system.

In order to combine both theory and practice, and to help students develop the spirits of self-management, hard working, and endurance, MCUT adopts a teaching model which integrates classroom instruction and practical work practices, named as “Sandwich Teaching.” In this model, students need to serve their internship during the third school year. Students are arranged to participate in the full-time internship program in the FPG or other cooperative enterprises for a period of one year, which allows the students to receive wages from the part-time work so that they can reduce the financial burden of their families. Through the practical work practice, students are also able to learn techniques relevant to their professions as well as some management strategies. We expect that students can understand the meaning of diligence, perseverance, frugality and trustworthiness from their work experiences, and develop positive attitudes towards their life and work.

Teachers of MCUT and experts from the enterprises are invited to work together to guide students in selecting research topics and acquiring practical techniques, thus cultivating their capability of self-reliant judgment and their ability to solve problems encountered in the real world. This program also helps enterprises cultivate talents and further find the employers they need. This is indeed a win-win policy.

During their school life, all the students in MCUT can accumulate one-year practical work experience, which enables the students to adjust themselves smoothly to work and life after graduation. The performances of our alumni in both academic fields and businesses have been highly recognized by all circles of the society.

MCUT also delivers continuing education programs and offers on-the-job training courses sponsored by government organizations or private enterprises so as to assist youths in finding suitable jobs and enhance the techniques of the personnel.

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