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Features of MCUT

update date : 2022-04-21

Residential schooling’ and ‘part-time practical training’ are two of our longstanding school traditions. To live on campus while studying helps students mould their characteristics and maintain a diligent attitude in daily life. With good reputation for education performance, the school was approved by the Ministry of Education to transform itself into “Ming Chi Institute of Technology” in 1999 and continued to establish relevant departments. In 2004, the institute was further renamed into “Ming Chi University of Technology”. We shall continue with our existing efforts and commitments in education, and, more importantly, focus the development of the university on the “Cooperation between the industry and the university”. We aim at elevating both the quality and quantity of our research through a close cooperation with the industries, in the meantime reciprocating our achievements to the industries. The ultimate purpose is to achieve a win-win situation through the simultaneous elevation of the educational effectiveness and the technological dynamics in industries. Moral education is a crucial educational strategy nowadays, and it is also our core value to see students gradually learn the moral virtues of sincerity, integrity, mildness, manners, gratitude, thoughtfulness, industriousness and endurance along with the cultivation of leadership and a wholesome personality to serve mankind. As for working part-time outside the school, it is our objective to help students quickly accumulate practical abilities, gain real-life experiences, and learn the true meaning of diligence, perseverance, being down-to-earth, and searching to the root of things. Especially, our overseas practical training program that began in 2006 has become the pioneer among all universities and colleges in Taiwan.

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