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Motto and Mission

update date : 2019-10-23
The school’s motto is ‘Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness.’ In terms of ‘Diligence and Perseverance’, we expect our students not only to work hard, but also to do right and useful things. Students are encouraged to build their wisdom and enhance self-confidence through the accumulation of such useful experiences. ‘Frugality and Trustworthiness’ implies a simple and honest life; therefore, students should concentrate on the pursuit of their life goals. With this motto as well as professional knowledge and skills, all our students are expected to be useful members of the society.

As part of the technological and vocational education system, Ming Chi has consistently adhered to the philosophy of sophisticated school administration and practice-oriented education since the establishment in 1963. We focus not only on developing students’ professional knowledge and practical abilities, but also on enhancing the cultivation of their humanism quality. By working along both lines, students come to build the correct outlook on life and become excellent and talented people capable of both humanism quality and professional techniques. It is our ultimate goal to ‘use holistic education to cultivate talented people with equal emphasis on the development of a diligent and guileless attitude as well as theoretical and practical ability to do life-long learning.’
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