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MCUT Industrial Design Graduating Class Wins 16 Awards for the Young Pin Design Award 2021

update date : 2021-11-25

The Department of Industrial Design of Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) is the first of its kind in Taiwan. MCUT was founded in 1963 by Mr. Y.C Wang. In order to improve students’ practical skills and incorporate training from the industry, the department started a new internship program to include “intern designers” in 1999. The program has ever since been highly rated and supported by the industry. Every junior student is allowed to choose the company for their one-year internship according to their own interest and specialty and then goes under the co-supervision of their supervisors in the company and advisors at MCUT. This internship program considers the internship students as new coming employees and train them accordingly. In that regard, students are trained not only for their specialized knowledge and skills, but also for their attitude, ethics and values for the profession, with an attempt to achieve a win-win situation between the industry and university.

Established in 1981, Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award is the most influential design award in the global Huaren market. The planning and handling of the awards, the prize-giving ceremony, and all other related events are executed by Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI). In 2015, the Golden Pin Design Award launched three separate award competitions—the Golden Pin Design Award (GPDA), the Golden Pin Concept Design Award (GPCDA), and the Young Pin Design Award (YPDA). While each award targets a different demographic, the purpose of each is to commend outstanding innovation in design. A total of 5,952 works from 144 departments of 66 colleges and universities participated in this year’s fierce competition, with 812 of them entering the final selection and only 113 works being awarded. For a total of nine categories in the YPDA, five works were awarded in each category, with each winner receiving prize money up to TWD$ 20,000. Among the 45 prize-winning works in total, one work was selected as the “Best of Young Pin Design Award 2021,” receiving TWD$ 100,000 in prize money.

This year’s competition was held virtually owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. As all the participants were not able to give an on-the-spot demonstration this time, MCUT’s graduating class experienced a little frustration at first. However, instead, they then tried to incorporate 3D models and situational sitcoms into their presentation videos to introduce their works and succeeded in yieling fruitful results. They ended up winning 16 awards, including six YPDA awards, one special award for recycling design, and 9 special awards from sponsors. The Industrial Department of MCUT said that students should never let the pandemic get in the way and the department will continue to encourage its students to participate in domestic and international competitions in the future.


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