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MCUT Receives International Recognition For Deployment in All-Solid-State Lithium Battery Field

update date : 2021-11-25

Advanced countries in Europe and the United States have formulated a timetable for the withdrawal of fuel vehicles, and will instead aim at developing the electric vehicle (EV) industry. As battery technology is critical to the production cost and driving endurance of EV, the world is actively investing in the R & D of new generation batteries.

Distinguished Prof. Chun-Chen Yang, Director of Battery Research Center of Green Energy, MCUT, and his research team have long committed to the development and structural design of advanced battery materials. In recent years, the Research Center has focused on the development of all-solid-state lithium battery technology, with the goal of replacing organic flammable electrolyte with solid electrolyte material; the new material will significantly reduce the risk of battery explosion. Developing battery materials has remarkably improved battery energy density and service life, and the major breakthroughs achieved by the Center in related technologies have received international attention. As a result, Prof. Yang, renowned for his fruitful research results, is selected by the United States as one of the top 1% researchers in the global energy field. The Research Center will continue to promote technical exchanges and contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of Taiwan's battery industry.

The demand for batteries will substantially increase in the future, and precious metals in batteries have also become strategic materials that are highly valued worldwide. In order to turn waste batteries into resources both economically and environmentally safe, one must use advanced stripping technology. Therefore, the Research Center is working with UWin Nanotech Co., Ltd., which won Taiwan Circular Economy Awards sponsored by Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, to develop green recycling technology of lithium batteries. They aim to recycle the waste battery parts by proposing eco-friendly solutions to global issues caused by the impact of the technological era. Prof. Thu-Hua Liu, President of MCUT, said: “We hope that issues related to culture, education, environment, industry and international labor will coexist in sustainable development."

The website of Battery Research Center of Green Energy: https://brcge.mcut.edu.tw


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