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Congrats! MCUT Industrial Design Team Won the 2020 MOE Outstanding Award of Technological and Vocational Education

update date : 2021-11-25

The Industrial Design Department of Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) announced that its graduating team participated in the internationally renowned design competition, “iF Design Talent Award 2019_02,” hosted by Germany’s Industrial Forum Design Hanover, and won the “Best of the Year” award under the category, Samsung Design Prize. Their awarded work, “Front Rescue,” also won the 16th “Outstanding Award of Technological and Vocational Education (TVE)” given by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for 2020.

The MOE’s “Outstanding Award of Technological and Vocational Education” is to recognize the outstanding achievement of TVE teachers and students, who have participated in international skill competitions and won honor. The award ceremony, also known as “the TVE Oscars,” is held annually and has two major award categories—“Outstanding Award for Competitions” and “Outstanding Award for TVE Achievement.”

The MCUT team winning the 2020 “Outstanding Award for Competitions” was made up of three graduating students (now graduates), Tzu-shan Chang, Chieh-an Chung and Ching-yu Lung, under the supervision of Prof. Kai-shu Li of the Industrial Design Department. Their winning work, “Front Rescue,” is a portable operating room, which can be brought into disaster sites or unfavored conditions instantly for the rescuers to perform emergency operations on patients. “Front Rescue” consists mainly of a sterilization host and surgical toolbox. Its scroll-like structure and inflatable operation space make itself adapt to all situations. When rescuers find the victim, they place the victim’s wounds in the micro operating room, which contains a blood-sucking plate and nanometer water-proof membrane. Meanwhile, the operating room itself is inflated with air that is filtered through the ceramic filter substrate and UV-sterilized in the host so the rescuers can proceed with treatment inside the “room.” The advantages of using “Front Rescue” include greatly reducing the time wasted on transporting victims, preventing victims’ wounds from getting infected again by dusts and bacteria, and increasing the chances of victims’ survival. “Front Recue” is applicable to disaster sites, ambulances, emergency rooms and for war doctors.

The “iF Design Award” has been highly recognized around the world ever since its establishment in 1954, which attracts over 1800 products from more than 30 countries to participate annually. Its review panel, composed of internationally renowned designers, is the guarantee for the special status of the award. Of all the iF award categories, the “iF Student Design Award” has been the biggest one of its kind worldwide to discover new young talents in design. This award category has been renamed to the “iF Design Talent Award” and given biannually since 2017. It calls for ideas from students in all subareas of design, and their ideas must take future challenges and contemporary design strategies into consideration. The above-mentioned work winning the “Best of the Year” awards in the “iF Design Talent Award” and the MOE’s 16th “Outstanding Award of Technological and Vocational Education” is undoubtedly a great honor to the MCUT team.

The winning team themselves also feel honored to receive the MOE’s “Outstanding Award of Technological and Vocational Education.” The MCUT graduates said, “This awarded work was one of our graduation topics. In order to achieve better results, we started to discuss with our advisor about half a year earlier, followed by a series of planning, drafting and revising. We were very thrilled to achieve such a good ranking this time. We have studied design for seven years ever since high school, leading us to many domestic and international competitions. The “Best of the Year” award of “iF Design Talent Award” was actually the very first award that we have won during this long pursuit, which has definitely boosted our confidence. We believe that our team can work together to come up with good works and we are even more sure about pursuing our design career goals in the future. We would like to thank our advisor for his guidance. We would also like to thank each other for willingly contributing more time when others were busy. We hope our design team may continue to work hard to solve any problems we are facing now or in the future.


Traditional Chinese Edition恭賀!管設學院工業設計系師生團隊榮獲2020教育部技職之光表揚!

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