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Passionate Hearts United for Beach Clean-up

update date : 2024-04-03

The Chongde Volunteer Club, in a commendable initiative, orchestrated the "Service Volunteer Team-Teaching the Beach Cleaning Activity" on March 9. This endeavor was a collaborative effort, seeing participation from the Chongde Volunteer Club at FU JEN University and other distinguished institutions such as Chihlee, LUNGHWA, CHANG GUNG, among others. This event was not just a mere beach cleaning operation; it was a profound exercise in social service and a robust platform for fostering inter-collegiate cooperation and dialogue among various student societies.The Chongde Volunteer Club at the Ming Chi University of Technology is renowned for organizing more than two service outings per semester, and this beach cleanup at Bali Beach was another feather in their cap. The process began with brainstorming and meticulous planning, eventually culminating in a unanimous agreement. The day of the event saw participants forming bonds, dividing into teams under the guidance of experienced members, and embarking on the mission to restore the beach's pristine beauty. The sight of students from various institutions coming together, working shoulder to shoulder, was a testament to the spirit of unity and collaboration. As the beach gradually shed its littered appearance, the joy and satisfaction evident on the volunteers' faces spoke volumes. The event was hailed as a resounding success, leaving everyone involved eagerly anticipating the next gathering.


This article is simultaneously published in the third edition of the SDGs E-paper.

Source: Office of Student Affairs
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