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Cross-disciplinary Innovation Wave: MCUT Leads the Future of Sustainable Development and Design Thinking Education

update date : 2024-03-25

At a critical juncture for global environmental issues and sustainable development, Ming Chi University of Technology's College of Management and Design demonstrated forward thinking by successfully hosting the nation's largest "Design Thinking" course outcome presentation on March 16, 2024. This innovative course attracted more than a thousand academics and students who came together to explore and address the "Water Resources" issue within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), showing the academic community's deep concern for environmental sustainability.

This course not only crossed disciplinary boundaries but also combined expertise from the fields of Engineering, Environmental Resources, and the College of Management and Design, engaging in cross-university collaboration with academics and students from Chang Gung University's Department of Industrial Design. Through small group workshops, participants engaged in interdisciplinary action learning via the design thinking process. This innovative teaching model not only fostered students' creativity and practical skills but also reflected a commitment to environmental principles, with the course maintaining a paperless teaching approach and fully utilizing online tools for discussion and presentation of outcomes.

The course started with an engaging keynote lecture by Mr. Wu Zhi-Xiang, Vice President of Nanya Technology Corporation, who introduced the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Nanya's concrete actions and ESG practices in conserving water resources, providing a practical example for the students. After two months of intensive learning and effort, students progressed from problem definition to conceptual ideation, employing the design thinking method to propose a series of innovative sustainable solutions. These solutions were not only creative but also practical, effectively addressing the issue of water resources.

Following a thorough selection process, 20 teams stood out of from an initial 120, moving on to the final competition, showcasing the students' enthusiasm and creativity for sustainability issues. The results presentation event was attended by university's executives, senior professors, and experts and scholars from industry, government, and academia, all bearing witness to this celebration of innovation and sustainability.

The successful organization of the "Design Thinking" course by Ming Chi University of Technology not only highlighted the institute's leadership in promoting interdisciplinary education and innovative teaching models but also underscored its commitment to nurturing future talents in the field of sustainable development. By continuously enhancing its design thinking education, Ming Chi University of Technology is dedicated to cultivating more individuals with strong design sensibilities, innovative thinking, and pragmatic execution abilities.


This article is simultaneously published in the first edition of the SDGs E-paper.

Source: College of Management and Design
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