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Great News from the teachers and students of the Department of Visual Communication Design, College of Management and Design, Ming Chi University of Technology!

update date : 2020-12-18
Assistant professor Hsien-Che Chu from Ming Chi University of Technology, with the script "Battleground Massacre", stood out from this year's 417 entries and won the first prize in the 42nd Excellent Screenplay Award. Such event is sponsored by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture and undertaken by Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute.

Director Hsien-Che Chu is a full-time teacher of the Department of Visual Communication Design, College of Management and Design. He has excellent performance in school with serious, responsible and enthusiastic teaching. Therefore, he is deeply loved by teachers and students. Hsien-Che Chu said that he has been writing scripts for 25 years and has participated in the competition for 10 times. In the past, he was shortlisted once. This time he was shortlisted again and finally won the first prize. After many years of hard work, his dream can only be achieved by working towards the goal without giving up.

Professor Chao-Ming Yang, also from the Department of Visual Communication Design, instructed his student, Zhi-ling Liu, to participate in the 2020 FOR/AGAINST International Student Poster Competition hosted by the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland. Her work was favored by international designers and selected as one of the top 50 outstanding works. Her performance was quite eye-catching.

The Ecuador Poster Bienal received design works from 84 countries this year. Among the 11,396 entries, only 342 works were selected. In category C (student posters), three selected posters were from Taiwan, two of which were works by Xuan-zhen Lin and Wei-lin Zeng, students of the Department of Visual Communication Design.

Moreover, the international design competition "Biophilia Poster Competition" has always been famous for its concerns on natural ecology and human beings. This year, more than 3,500 works from 167 countries were received, and 100 outstanding works were finally singled out. Three pieces of students’ works from Yun-Ching Lee, Chu-Chun Yan, and Hsiang-Yu Su, were on the list. This has not only added many outstanding achievements to Ming Chi University of Technology, but also honored the school with outstanding performance internationally.
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