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“Advanced Intelligence Real-time Factory” at MCUT: The first iOS Platform in Taiwan

update date : 2020-11-20

To cultivate practical talents for Industry 4.0, the Ministry of Education offers subsidies of NT$39 million to Ming Chi University of Technology to build “Advanced Intelligence Real-time Factory,” a "production line base” and the first iOS platform in Taiwan. The unveiling of the “AIR Factory” was held on Oct. 23, 2020. Prof. Mon-Chi Lio, Political Deputy Minister of Education, Prof. Yang Yu-hui, Deputy Director at the Department of Technological and Vocational Education, MOE, the representatives from 7 cooperating schools and 12 plastic processing industries were present. This base is the first in Taiwan to use iOS-based "Mobile Integrated Management System" (MIMS), and it will help subvert the impression that traditional processing plants are messy and dangerous. It further serves as a role model of processing plants for local traditional industries.

Political Deputy Minister Lio remarked that in order to optimize the environment of technological and vocational schools, the MOE has funded the technical schools in building production line bases as such. Both the schools and the industries have been looking forward to the realization of these iOS platforms, which make teaching equipment in school to be more in line with the industry.

President Liu Thu-Hua, Ming Chi University of Technology, said that the school focuses on technology research and development and talent cultivation. Since most traditional processing plants in Taiwan are located in New Taipei City, how to make good use of information technology and carry out intelligent production and operation is one of the key developments at MCUT. President Liu also thanked the MOE for the funding support. He further pointed out that the Ming Chi “AIR Factory” not only offers technical advice and guidance but also provides an internship field for teachers and students. When integrated with the design of other types of internship, the AIR Factory facilitates students to obtain iPas Industry 4.0 related licenses from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and to cultivate Industry 4.0 talents in Taiwan.

News source: https://www.ner.gov.tw/news/5f6ac6bf471e1b0007cf03e3


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