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A Letter from the University President, Thu-Hua Liu, to all faculty and students: Let us work together to build the most solid defense possible.

update date : 2023-05-16

Greetings to all staff and students,

The COVID-19 epidemic has swept the world. Taiwan successfully defended against the first wave of infections and has become an international role model. However, our current imported cases are rapidly increasing, and the situation is getting more and more challenging. Facing the second wave of infections from all over the world, we should be more united and cautious so as not to make our previous efforts in vain.

Since the first day of this semester, the school has activated epidemic prevention measures, such as access control, health education, environmental disinfection, and comprehensive body temperature measurement. However, two of our students assisted in setting up a wireless network at the residence of a confirmed COVID-19 case returning from the UK. During this period, masks were worn and there was no long-term face-to-face contact. Out of an abundance of caution, after receiving an epidemic investigation by the epidemic prevention agency, these two students are currently under 14-day household isolation in Linkou. Other students who were in close contact with these two students also had arrangements made to live in separate rooms for self-isolation. Moreover, they are asked to wear masks when going out and to wash their hands with soap regularly.

At present, the Central Epidemic Command Center is making unremitting efforts to prevent the spread of the epidemic to minimize the impact it may bring. Cooperating with the government's epidemic prevention measures is our civic duty. For this reason, since January, the school has held 11 epidemic prevention meetings and immediately formulated various measures to maintain campus safety. The next 2 to 3 weeks is a critical period for epidemic prevention. Everyone needs to work together to build the most solid defense possible. Some of the measures might cause some inconvenience. We apologize for this in advance; let us go through these hard times together.

1. Implement temperature measurement

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, it is necessary to monitor the body temperature of each member on campus and deal with those who have a fever accordingly. At present, all students living on campus must cooperate in having their temperature taken every day. If you have a fever, go see a doctor immediately and reduce contact with other people. Temperature measurement stations are located at the entrances of the two campuses. Individuals with a fever will not be permitted to enter the campus. If the said individual is a student or staff member of the school, the Heath Service and the Office of Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Hygiene should be notified, and these two units are responsible for assisting the individual to get to the hospital.

Before class, the teachers must check the temperature stamps on the wrists of the students and take attendance. Guests on official business visits should apply for admission to enter the school in advance. The guests can only enter and exit with the unit member that invites them and they must complete registrations and fill out the "COVID-19 Risk Questionnaire".

2. Strengthen environmental disinfection

Dormitories, classrooms, and restaurants are the most common environments for gatherings. The cleaning staff frequently sterilizes public areas every day. In these areas, toilets and elevators are disinfected more than 4 times a day. As for the disinfection of personal spaces, the school currently provides sufficient disinfection supplies for everyone to use. Please make good use of these supplies to keep the environment safe.

3. Suspension of international exchange activities

In recent days, many confirmed cases are imported. The Central Epidemic Command Center has raised the epidemic level of international travel to Level Three. As a result, the school will pause all international exchange activities, and private tours are also prohibited. All students and staff members should actively inform the school if there are any family members returning home from abroad within 14 days. The school will provide temporary lodging for any students and staff members who are in need in the Enterprise Education Center to avoid contact. This not only allows family members to undergo a home quarantine safely, but also reduces the risk of infection to ensure the safety of participants in classes and those who work on campus.

4. Cancellation of large-scale events

Participating in large-scale activities puts you in a high-risk environment. Please do not host or participate in large-scale activities during the epidemic prevention period. When you enter a closed or crowded environment, masks are mandatory at all time and conversations should be avoided.

Everyone's heart is like seawater and the epidemic is like waves. The waves are also a part of the seawater. During the epidemic prevention period, we should take good care of our own hearts and keep them in a perfect state, so that we can calmly walk through this wave of epidemic.

I wish you all good health and all the best!


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