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Ming Chi University of Technology Center for Reliability Engineering establishes international cooperation relationship with University of Maryland CALCE

update date : 2020-05-12

The research team members of Center for Reliability Engineering at Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) went to Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) at the University of Maryland for a short-term research visit. Team members includes Professor Jer-Huan Jang, Associate Professor Jin-Chee Liu, and Assistant Professor Jiun-Wei Liou from the Department of Electronic Engineering and their delegation.

The purpose of this exchange is to discuss bilateral international cooperation plans, the Center team pays a special visit to Professor Michael Pecht, who serves as an international consultant and the director of University of Maryland CALCE Research Center. CALCE Research Center has completed many reliability studies on battery failure, as well as product and process reliability studies, corrosion problems, design reliability studies, supply chain assessment and management, Simulation Assisted Reliability Assessment (SARA), etc. The CALCE laboratory is fully and diversely equipped.

The research centers of the two universities jointly plan a future cooperation plan, including the use of AI technology for the existing reliability center lithium ternary battery life analysis and battery health pre-diagnosis, and for the formation of voids in IC packaging solder or other metals. In the future, a cooperation plan will be proposed for this research topic to build a further research partnership.

MCUT Center for Reliability Engineering conducts academic research and international exchanges with the University of Maryland, which is of great benefit for establishing a long-term cooperation model between the two sides, and can positively and effectively improve the overall R & D energy.

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