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Department of Visual Communication Design Awarded with Honorable Mention in the Category of Original Sticker Design of the 2019 myfone Annual Competition for Mobile Creative Awards

update date : 2020-05-12

The myfone Annual Competition for Mobile Creative Awards, set up by Taiwan Mobile Foundation in 2007, has been held for thirteen years since then. There are four main categories for this competition: “Text Composition,” Original Song Writing,” “Micro Movie Shooting,” and “Original Sticker Design.” The 2019 Competition, with the theme of “Rebellion, Retrospection” encouraged creators to explore unlimited possibilities. There were 1070 pieces of work participating in the category of Original Sticker Design this year; among them, only 13 won awards. Students of the Visual Communication Design Department, Wei-Ni Chou and Siou-Yue Chang, under the guidance of Professor Ruei-Fen Liu and Professor Yao-Yuan Shang respectively, both won an honorable mention this time.

Chou won the prize with her work “Lion Dance,” with the intention of using this traditional Taiwanese performing arts to recall the memories for early times of Taiwan. On the other hand, Chang’s creation of “Mr. Cave Man” was also awarded. Both of them were glad to have had the chance to participate in the competition and won the prizes. They also appreciated the guiding efforts made by the two professors as well as the favor of the referees. According to Prof. Liu, every MCUT contestant strived hard in this highly competitive contest so was worthy of acclamation, winning awards or not. Joining the competition itself was a good training opportunity to enhance creativity and ensure future wins.

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