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MCUT Professors Awarded at 2019 Friendly Campus Competition

update date : 2020-05-12
At the 2019 Friendly Campus Competition (108年度友善校園獎), Professor Ji-Pyng Chiou (邱機平) and Professor Chih-Cheng Huang (黃志成), who were recommended by MCUT, successfully won the Excellent Class Advisor Award and Excellent Student Affairs Practitioner Award, respectively. Professor Chiou has been highly admired for his guidance on students’ academic learning and individual growth. He always shares his invaluable experiences with his colleagues, which helps make the MCUT campus a mutually supportive environment. Professor Huang, who works as the Vice Dean for Student Affairs as well as the Director of Military Training Education at Ming Chi, for years has been in charge of student assistance/counselling affairs and health promotion activities. By helping build a favourable learning environment, he hopes students can not only show great performances in their studies, but always keeps physically and mentally fit. Professor Chiou was awarded the Excellent Class Advisor Prize at the Director of Counselling Meeting, and Professor Huang the Excellent Student Affairs Practitioner Award at the 2nd National Dean for Student Affairs Workshop.
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