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MCUT Students Won 2018 Outstanding Awards of Technological and Vocational Education

update date : 2020-05-12

MCUT students successfully won two important prizes in the 2018 Outstanding Awards of Technological and Vocational Education (技職之光)! They are Shu-hao Zhang (張書豪), Yu-xuan Xu (徐語鍹), and Yun-an Chen (陳韻安) from the Department of Industrial Engineering, and Bai-Yan Su (蘇柏諺) from the Department of Materials Engineering. The award gained by Su was “Patent Connoisseur Award” and the one received by the Industrial Engineering team was “Competition Excellence Award.” Su has obtained four patents so far, and has been applying for more, including the patents in the U.S. and mainland China. Zhang, Xu, and Chen won their award because of their excellent performances in the 2018 iF Design Talent Award. Their work, MAZU, was listed TOP 62 among thousands of participants from all over the world.

During his study at MCUT, Bai-Yan Su participated in several industry-academia cooperation projects and research development works. To him, the most difficult part of patent development was the beginning stage. At the stage, he had to brainstorm and tried very hard to get fresh and creative ideas. With the ideas available, he then needed to solve every problem he met and turn ideas into reality. He thanks his supervisor, Professor Kun-Cheng Peng (彭坤增), for inviting him to help with so many projects and helping him develop logical ways of thinking. The supervisor of the Industrial Engineering team was Mr. Kai-Chu Li (李鍇朮). Under his guidance, Zhang, Xu, and Chen developed a rescue flight vehicle, MAZU. Whenever there is shipwreck accident, MAZU will detect it and fly to its location as soon as it can. With MAZU, rescue centers and ships nearby will gain more valuable time to rescue the mariners in need.

The Ministry of Education awards only 30-40 excellent students the Outstanding Awards of Technological and Vocational Education every year in order to encourage vocational school students to sharpen their techniques and skills and present great performances in important international competitions.

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