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Enhancing the Global Vision of Students: 2018-2019 "MCUT around the World" Has Reached a Blooming Success

update date : 2020-05-12
As an effort of enhancing the school reputation internationally, the number of overseas partners of Ming Chi University of Technology has gained a significant growth in the past two years. The geographical areas where our sister universities are located have also stretched to South America as well as West and South Europe. Of course, there is also a major increase in the partnership in the region of South East Asia, which the New Southbound Policy focuses on.

"MCUT around the World," the annual project of sending our students abroad for various study programs held by partner universities globally within the format of dual-degree programs, one-year exchange programs, two-month research courses or short-term language and culture camps, therefore, has reached a blooming success this year. First of all, there are two graduate students qualified for the admission of the concurrent enrollment program (dual master degrees of engineering) of University of Cincinnati in the States. Furthermore, there are quite a bunch of third-year students acquiring the exchange opportunities provided by the sister universities in Mainland China, Malaysia, France and Spain. As for the short-period study programs, our students were sent to visit Mexico, USA, Thailand or Indonesia this summer to get the most authentic cultural experience in each country.

Through learning in different areas of the world, the MCUT students are allowed to broaden their global vision and expand their multicultural knowledge so as to achieve the further internalization of MCUT!
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