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Ming Chi University of Technology THE World University Ranking surpasses many national universities and ranks first in the country's private technical universities

update date : 2023-01-17

2023 World University Rankings were announced by Times Higher Education (THE) recently. Compared with last year, there are 137 more participating schools worldwide, including 1,799 universities and colleges from 104 countries and regions. Among Taiwan’s 43 universities on the list, Ming Chi University of Technology still ranks first among private universities, and ranks 18th in the national ranking, surpassing many national universities such as National Chung Hsing University, National Chung Cheng University, and National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology.

THE World University Rankings consists of 13 indicators in 5 categories including teaching, research, paper citations, industry-academia income, and internationalization. It is based on 15.5 million research publications, 121 million relevant citations, and 40 thousand of replies to the annual academic reputation survey. A total of hundreds of thousands of data were analyzed and ranked. Among them, Ming Chi University received the most fund from industry-academia cooperation, ranking 348th in the world, a significant improvement from the last year's; and Ming Chi also achieved good results in research, ranking 750th among nearly 1,800 universities around the world. In the recently updated list of top 2% scientists in the world in 2022, 17 teaching faculty members from Ming Chi are on the list, accounting for 5.64% of the school's faculty. For a university with a relatively small number of teachers and students, it is commendable to have such excellent performance.

Ming Chi is not only committed to persisting the existing educational spirits and achievements, but also focuses on internationalization, sustainable development and industry-academia cooperation for the school’s advancement. In terms of promoting internationalization, in addition to expanding overseas partner schools, Ming Chi is also working hard to overcome the impact of COVID-19, and continues to cooperate with sister schools in various countries such as setting up online themed workshops, transnational joint projects, and also maintains dual master’s degrees, exchange programs, as well as opportunities for bilateral students to take courses or  internships in a virtual-real integration mode. President Liu Thu-Hua said that sustainable development has become a common goal of human beings around the world. Ming Chi founds research center such as Battery Research Center of Green Energy, and offers featured bachelor or doctoral degree programs. In response to the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, Ming Chi started to associate the school curriculum with various SDGs, and link the school's medium/long term development plans with SDGs in 2020. Moreover, in order to enhance the capacity of industry-academia cooperation, Ming Chi established an interdisciplinary team, and successively established 10 university-level research centers by investing hundreds of millions of dollars devoted in the areas of optoelectronics, semiconductors, energy, biomedicine, self-driving cars, AI Artificial intelligence, 5G, and circular economy.

Traditional Chinese Edition:明志科大THE世界大學排名 超越多所國立大學,穩居全國私立技職第一

Source: Office of International Affairs
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