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Application System for International Students
Application System for International Students(Open new window)
2018 Fall Semester(Application Period) :2018/03/01 ~ 2018/05/18
MCUT Remote(Citrix)
MCUT Remote(Citrix)(Open new window)
open to all faculty, staff in MCUT
MCUT portal
MCUT portal(Open new window)
open to all faculty, staff and students in MCUT


MCUT EVENTS / Calendar

MCUT Relay Race
MCUT Relay Race(Open new window)
When: 2018/3/13, 3/20 PM5:00-7:00
Where: Track Field
open to all students in MCUT
special screening: Way Out: D-Fight(In Chinese)
poster(Open new window)
When: 2018/1/22 PM6:00
Where: Innovation Building 1F Lecture Theatre


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