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MCUT Wins One Champion, Two First Runners-up in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

update date : 2020-10-13
The Awards Ceremony for the 2020 15th Annual National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition sponsored by both the Chinese Business Incubation Association and the Northern Taiwan Business Incubation Alliance was held at Taipei Tech on July 17th. There were approximately 420 teams of entrepreneurs and startup companies participating in the competition this year. Among the competitors, there were 62 teams entering the final stage. MCUT teams excelled in the contest, with five teams entering the final and won one champion and two first runners-up.

The works of the MCUT students were impressively creative, rated highly by quite a few referees. “Eco Tube” was invented by the team “Orange Frog” who based on the idea of applying portable and reusable tampon tubes to prevent the abuse of current plastic tubes and their tendency of causing injury of female users’ private parts and won the second place in the student category of “Technology Application.” The team “Wok” joined the contest with their invention “Tongue Trainer” which intends to train the tongue muscles of children aged 3 to 5 years old through playing to make them put their tongues in the correct position so as to eliminate the possibility of malocclusion. This team was awarded with the second prize in the student category of “Innovation Creativity.”

In addition to the categories for student contestants, there is also a newly-added category of “Entrepreneurial Companies” which was partaken by the selected stationed startup companies recommended by business incubators. The companies incubated by MCUT also performed exceptionally in the competition. Among them, Xuan Fan Electro-optical Technology Co., Litd. won the first prize with its “Intelligent Technology of Adaptive Front-light System” in the new category.

The 2021 16th Annual National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held by the Business Incubation Center, NKUST. MCUT is highly expected to shine again in southern Taiwan.
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