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Congratulations! iAuto - cultivated jointly by the Innovation Incubation Center and Department of Mechanical Engineering was nominated for the top three new venture in the 2019 Dubai World Challenge and Exhibition for Self-Driving Transport

update date : 2019-08-02

The official delegation of the 2019 Dubai World Challenge and Exhibition for Self-Driving Transport held a final score of the "Taiwan iAuto Team Real Car Show" at Ming Chi University of Technology on June 28. A real-world dynamic testing and technical briefing were conducted during the same day. The winners of the championship and runner-up will receive US$1 million and 500,000 prizes respectively, and will be invited to the Dubai Incubation Center to discuss further exchanges and developments.

iAuto Technology (iAuto) is an autonomous driving startup company jointly developed by National Taiwan University and Ming Chi University of Technology. It participated in the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport held by Dubai for the first time last year, and successfully succeeded from 27 new global brands to capture a place in the top three. Based on the successful experience of last year and one-year preparation, it will represent Taiwan in the final this year. Through the bilateral technical cooperation between Taiwan and the United States, the team relies on the experience of large-scale transportation vehicle industry of Formosa Plastics Transport Co. combined with domestic and international first-class vehicle electronics and motor system engineering teams, and international top-level autopilot technical experts to ensure high safety of international car manufacturers. As a standard, it has successfully developed high-reliability, high-performance autonomous driving technology products, including auto-driving vehicle AI central control platform and chassis x-by-wire/line transmission control system, and the products are used in various models with automatic driving such as (SAE L2~3) medium/large vehicle (bus, truck) and light electric vehicle development.

The iAuto team's R&D power comes from National Taiwan University and Ming Chi University of Technology. The members of the Ming Chi University's R&D team are mainly composed of the teachers and students of the Vehicle Technical Center of the Mechanical Engineering-Vehicle Group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. By participating in the competition, the research results of the actual road test in the center and public roads are fully demonstrated. Dao Yi Huang, an associate professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, is fully utilizing his vehicle engineering expertise in automatic steering system, automatic brake system, power output automatic control technology, and the system integration to achieve the best control of the chassis. In addition, the accumulation of the real vehicle test data and the continuous improvement of the drive mechanism have contributed to a high-performance and durable auto-driving car chassis transmission control system, which greatly enhances the team's research and development of automatic driving AI perception, decision-making and control technology.

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