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Heading Down with Head Up--MCUT in Cooperation with Indonesia's RISTEKDIKTI for Internationalization

update date : 2020-05-12

Ever since the government's implementation of the New Southbound Policy in 2016, Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) has spared no efforts to reach out to Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and India for more international cooperation. In March, 2018, MCUT was very honored to be invited by Prof. Dr. Herri SE, MBA, Director of Kopertis Wilayah X in Padang (the capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia), to perform an alliance ceremony and give presentations to their local delegates. Kopertis Wilayah X is one of the 14 regions under the supervision of Indonesia's Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (RISTEKDIKTI) and is in charge of approximately 250 private universities and colleges in the region. MCUT was the only university in Taiwan to have received their official invitation this time, highlighting momentous milestones along the way.

Led by President Thu-hua Liu, the MCUT delegation comprised a total of nine members including academic chiefs, administrative directors, professors and one Indonesian graduate student from MCUT's Organic Electronics Research Center. The MCUT delegation arrived in Padang on March 29, the day before the alliance ceremony was held.

With more than 120 representatives from 75 local universities and colleges participating, the alliance ceremony on March 30 was introduced by the Indonesian traditional dance early in the morning, followed by the playing of the national anthems of both countries. Next, the MCUT delegation gave a comprehensive introduction in English to the university's overall vision and mission, curricula, research centers and pursuit of globalization, etc., concluded by the accompanying MCUT graduate student, who shared his study experience and reported the benefits he had received from the university in the Indonesian language. Finally, MCUT and Kopertis Wilayah X of RISTEKDIKTI performed the signing ceremony for cooperative agreement represented by President Liu and Dr. Herri, who put their signatures under the agreement. The event was successfully completed right after the exchange of souvenirs and group photo shooting.

In the near future, MCUT will take the first step to further strengthening the cooperation between both sides by inviting Indonesian students over to attend short-term language and culture camps. More diversified programs for boosting cross-county cooperation will be jointly planned and launched soon afterwards.

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